Drafting & Project Planning

Kitchen, Bathroom or Room Additions,  the project starts with a solid plan. Brendan’s 30+ years of experience means that you are in good hands when it comes to planning your project. He will make sure that you get the most for your money and won’t lose any time on your project due to oversights in the design. Best of all Brendan offers his basic planning service for FREE.

Brendan’s FREE consultation includes:  space evaluation, basic floorplan, and a budget analysis


Brendan is a licensed General Contractor, he will make sure that all aspects of your project are discussed and incorporated in the project plan:

  • Design, Budgeting & Plan
  • Cabinet, Countertop and Appliance selection
  • Lighting & Plumbing fixtures
  • Flooring & Finishes
  • The “right contractors at the right time”
  • Room Additions & Remodels
  • Project Management

And Brendan can arrange all the other professional services that your project might require:

  • Engineering and Architecture
  • Plumbing and Electric
  • Tile and Woodworking
  • Construction and Day Labor
  • Interior Design and Decorating

So for all your planning, drafting, budgeting, and general design needs, just CALL BRENDAN and get started today!